Unit 2: Use of Blogging

You have now become a little bit familiar with EduBlogs and have signed up and even made your first comment! Now, watch the following video and become even more familiar with EduBlogs and trial some of the aspects out on your own blog! Give your blog a theme, create a profile page, ect!


Click on this video link to view

There are so many other sites to use for blogging for free besides EduBlog, signup for at least two other blogs from the list below at trial out their different aspects:

Create a post about the two other sites you signed up for and give them a review. Rank all three sites from 1 to 3:

1 being the site you would definitely use

3 being the sit you would least likely use


Be sure to state both things you liked and disliked about each site and how student friendly they could be if used in your classroom.


Engage with at least 2 other peers’ posts by commenting, questioning, or connecting to their response as well to engage discussion.

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