Unit 3: Creation


Review all of the past articles, websites, and videos in each of the past lessons. Some are posted here but feel free to go back to any other sources throughout the course as well:


Create a lesson for a blog as a teacher that could be used in your current class or a future class. Upload a link to your blog lesson to HERE for the rest of the class to view and see.  Your blog does not have to be from EduBlogs, or the from the list of suggested blogs if you found an alternative resource, that is fine.

  • Lesson must incorporate the use of a blog – ex. as a journal, summary after an assignment, a project
  • Include activities we reviewed in this mini-course of either discussion or reflection
  • Include expectations and learning objectives of students involvement with blog
  • Construct your teacher version of a blog with your lesson plan and set it up as if your student could view and access it


Peer review a fellow classmates’ blog lesson. Give them suggestions on what works well, questions you may have that need clarification, and any suggestions for change. Submit your peer review directly to their comment as another comment. Reflect on the articles we have read throughout the course and how well they incorporated features of blogging such as reflection and discussion.



Now that you have become more familiar with rubrics, your task is to create a rubric that goes along with your blog lesson or assignment. It could have to do with the posts, the commenting, or any other aspect your wish to include in your lesson! What the rubric is specifically for is up to you, just make sure it is clearly stated in the heading.

Upload your rubric as a comment here as well!

Unit 2: Use of Blogging

You have now become a little bit familiar with EduBlogs and have signed up and even made your first comment! Now, watch the following video and become even more familiar with EduBlogs and trial some of the aspects out on your own blog! Give your blog a theme, create a profile page, ect!


Click on this video link to view

There are so many other sites to use for blogging for free besides EduBlog, signup for at least two other blogs from the list below at trial out their different aspects:

Create a post about the two other sites you signed up for and give them a review. Rank all three sites from 1 to 3:

1 being the site you would definitely use

3 being the sit you would least likely use


Be sure to state both things you liked and disliked about each site and how student friendly they could be if used in your classroom.


Engage with at least 2 other peers’ posts by commenting, questioning, or connecting to their response as well to engage discussion.

Unit 1: What is Blogging?

You should have now read through a couple of articles and become familiar with some of the vocabulary and terms that go along with blogging.  You should have also signed up for your own EduBlog.

In the comment section of this blog post, you will now reflect on the terms you have been introduced to.  You may choose three new vocabulary terms you have come across in these readings and do the following:

What is the term? State which word you have chosen and which article it came from

What does the term mean? Provide a definition of the term in your own words

Level of Familiarity? Have you heard this word before? Is it a brand new word? How familiar would you say you are with the word?

Why might this term be useful in my learning about blogging?  Explain why you think this word is associated and needed in the blogging field

Do I think others should know this word? If so who and why?